S.A.L.F. S.p.A. Laboratorio Farmacologico was founded on August 25th, 1921 in the field of research of the first solutions for injections. With its laboratory, it has been among the first companies to study the healing properties of aqueous solutions, expanding them, developing them and thus covering the whole galenical field of solutions for injections, daily care of the clinical and hospital universe.

Solutions for hypodermoclysis/phleboclysis, parenteral nutrition, irrigation, dialysis and anticoagulant solutions are but one example of the wide range of applications that S.A.L.F. is able to offer.
The main activity of S.A.L.F. S.p.A. is the production of solutions for infusion for hypodermoclysis/phleboclysis in glass and polypropylene bottles, solutions for injections in glass ampoules, solutions for infusion and irrigation in PVC and PVC-free bags.