In recent years veterinary drugs have become increasingly important both quantitatively, due to the more attentive care pets and farm animals are given, both qualitatively, as the use of products specifically dedicated to the animal world has received particular attention from the Ministry of Health and the pharmaceutical companies.
The ministerial provision, which has better defined the pharmaceutical market for veterinary use, has obliged the manufacturers of veterinary drugs to create special divisions with specific products on which the indication “For veterinary use” shall appear.

S.A.L.F., active since 1921 in the field of solutions for injections for human use, has also decided to turn to the veterinary sector, where, for some years, it has been dealing with the most used solutions and with some special formulas aimed at meeting the various requirements of veterinary centers.
Beside the typical solutions for infusion of established use, S.A.L.F. “Veterinary Line” also proposes some products of particular interest in polypropylene bottles and PVC bags.

The list of devices and drugs for veterinary use available today will be definitely extended. S.A.L.F. is implementing new plans and developments for the future.