Christmas 2017, S.A.L.F. supports CESVI

CESVI, humanitarian organization from Bergamo, that since 30 years is protecting children all over the world, decided to focus also in Italy starting a national programme for prevention and tackling of any child abuse. S.A.L.F. decided to support CESVI’s project called “Obiettivo Infanzia Felice” (meaning Objective Happy Childhood), with the scope to give smiles to children, agaist any form of mistreatment and abuse. The contribution from the company will be used to prevent, raise awareness and train about carelessness in the city of Bergamo, with children, teachers and parents.

S.A.L.F. has done a choice of responsibility and great social action. Budget usually dedicated to Christmas’ presents has been devoted to CESVI’s Italian project.

Sincere thanks to whom will contribute to the project, too. Merry Christmas!

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Click here for CESVI’s letter: Letter